Top of Non-Obvious Places in Riga

Top of Non-Obvious Places in Riga

Where to go to feel the trends of modern and youth Riga? The most interesting thing to travel is sights? Probably not … The main wealth is the feelings that makes you travel. Give yourself a few minutes of romance! Or a few holiday hours, because in Riga there are all possibilities for this. An inquisitive tourist will find something unique in the old quarters, but at the same time be able to enjoy a luxurious stay in the best places in Riga.

Great idea – to meet the morning on one of the banks of the Western Dvina, through the fragrant smoke of coffee peeping over the waking city. Go down to the river, sit a little on the bench next to the water. At such moments, each person is left alone with himself. With yourself, thoughts and the city.

A day of immersion in modern Riga should be continued in the Kalnciema quarter. Wooden buildings – one of the famous Latvia capital’s feature. Some two-storey wooden houses were restored and turned into a cultural quarter.

But you need to go here not for the story. The main goal is to enjoy the audience and the lovely homely atmosphere of this place. When creating the Kalnciema quarter, the main ideologues, the brothers of Dabergs, pursued two goals: to talk about Latvian culture and to create an interesting space for the residents of the left bank of the river. And so it happened that mostly Riga residents walk there.

In summer, events on Kalnciema take place on Thursdays, in winter – on Saturdays. So do not miss the chance to see concerts of local groups, enjoy movie screenings and themed fairs. By the way, you can taste real Latvian rye bread and honey here.

Intellectual bar "Chomsky", a place where mainly Riga artists, philosophers and poets gather. The interior in the bar is completely punk. Four rooms with shabby sofas and tables, strange portraits on the walls; from the speakers – an extravagant mix of modern music styles.

The menu sells only drinks, but no one forbids you to come with your sandwich. At the same time, the bar has a surprisingly cozy atmosphere, and in the evenings there are often musical experiments and short films. By the way, to close the toilet, you must guess which of the hundreds of locks is working.

Thematic and creative quarters are one of the most fashionable trends in the modern Latvian capital. So, if you are interested in the life of the bohemian and intellectual youth of Riga, Speikeri is what you need. The creative quarter is located near the Riga Central Market on the site of the former bastion near the Riga Fortress. It actively develops turbulent cultural life, and the emphasis in it is on actual art.

The pride of the quarter is the Spikeri concert hall. You can often hear the sounds of classical and modern jazz, and, in addition to chamber music with a bias in various genres, one can hear the Sinfonietta Rīga chamber orchestra and one of the world's best chamber choirs – the Latvian Radio Choir. And here the center of contemporary culture Dirty Deal is based with its experimental theater and club, where electronic music often sounds.

"Pakistānas Kebabs" is also a kind of modern landmark of Riga. Seriously, the savoriest and properly cooked kebabs in Latvia are sold in "Pakistānas Kebabs".

Farman, the owner of this place, arrived in Riga not so long ago. He married a native Riga lady, but he could not find a job in the capital: he did not know either Russian or Latvian. Farman decided to use the last chance and bought a small room for kebab near the station. The dishes he offered turned out to be really tasty, after a while they managed to get a second room nearby. Farman now has two kebabs, and one of them, a two-story one, is located on the city’s main street. The cafes themselves are clean, spacious and very hospitable.

Rest in Riga can be not only simple, but also luxurious. It is nice to come to this beautiful city and feel special royal blood. It's enough to spend the evening in SL – this is Shangri La of Michael Boettcher unit. The refined gambling halls are located in the historic building of Grand Hotel Kempinski. The place is aimed at demanding guests and foreigners, confirmed Darren Keane from Storm International.

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