4 Ways to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills Today

4 Ways to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills Today

When it comes to essay writing, we can agree that it’s not something that you learn and know for the rest of your life. In reality, essay writing is a skill that needs constant improvement and effort. It’s something that always leaves room for being better, more skilled and more proficient. All you have to do is invest some time and effort into practicing your essay writing skills.

However, it’s not enough for you to just continue writing and hope for the best. The truth is, you have to know your weak spots. Only then will you be able to eliminate them. In case you need help identifying the low points of your essay writing, just keep reading.

Here are the 4 things every essay writer struggles with and tips on how to overcome them.

• Using the Right Vocabulary

Starting from scratch, we need to focus on your vocabulary and how you can ensure you’re using all the right words.

An essay is usually something formal:

• a school assignment

• application for a scholarship

• motivational letter for a job

This means that there’s no room for informal vocabulary. But, what is considered to be informal? Take a look:

• slang

• conversational language

• abbreviations

In order to improve your writing skills and make your essay better, try using as much formal language as possible. Once you finish writing your first draft, go over the whole thing once again and try substituting informal words for formal ones. For example:

• say sorry- apologize

• stand for- represent

• also- moreover

• totally- completely

If you’re having trouble finding the appropriate synonym, start using Thesaurus. It’s a useful vocabulary website, and a perfect essay writing assistant.

• Grammar & Punctuation

It goes without saying that your grammar and punctuation skills need to be to the point when you’re writing an essay. So, how can you improve this area of essay writing and become an even better essay writer?

The best way to overcome your insecurities in this department is to thoroughly check everything that you write.

There’s a couple of options on how to check your grammar and punctuation:

• writing tools

There are online writing tools, such as Grammarly, which can help you spot your mistakes and eliminate them. Once you paste your text into this tool, it immediately highlights everything that’s wrong with it: grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes.

This way, you get to learn about the mistakes you commonly mistake and how to correct them.

 • another person

If you have someone you trust, you can ask them to read your essay and point out to any mistakes you’ve made. It’s a great way to learn, but it might be a bit hard to find someone willing to help.

• writing services

There are writing services such as Get Academic Help, which can serve as a helping hand. You can send them your essay for proofreading and let them correct your mistakes. You can revise them later on and see what you did wrong.

Whichever option you choose, make sure you’re working hard on improving your skills and learning from your mistakes.

• Active Voice

In essay writing, it’s extremely important that you chose the appropriate voice.

When choosing between the active and the passive voice, we recommend you stick to active.

Let’s take a quick look at the difference between the two:

• Active: People built the road in 1907.

• Passive: The road was built in 1907.

With the active voice, you have an active subject. The active subject throughout the whole essay makes it more vivid, easier to read and less pompous.

Therefore, when revising your essay’s initial draft, make sure to pay special attention to the use of passive voice. Covert it to active wherever you can and in time, you’ll stop using it altogether.

• A Clear Point

Sometimes people feel that in essay writing, it’s all about the quantity. The more you write, the better.

This leads to people using repetition and vaguely discussing facts while failing to deliver clear, factual messages and viewpoints.

Here’s what you need to do:

• write an outline

• define main ideas and viewpoints you want to deliver to the reader

• ensure each paragraph has a topic sentence (a sentence that summarizes the main idea of a paragraph)

This way, your message will be clearly stated and you’ll have a well-written essay.


Essay writing definitely requires practice time and putting in some serious effort. In order to master this skill, you need to focus on what matters most.

Therefore, use the advice given above and start improving your essay writing skills today. Focus on the right things and you’ll see the difference in no time.

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