Yerevan Sights That Are Definitely Worth to Visit
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Yerevan is one of the oldest cities in the world, in which ancient houses adjoin modern monuments, the best Armenian casinos are combined with beautiful panoramas of nature.

The first thing Yerevan is associated with is Mount Ararat. It is located in Turkey, 121 kilometers from the capital of Armenia. According to the Old Testament, it was this mountain that Noah once moored on his ark. Ararat is a huge volcanic massif, which consists of two already extinct volcanoes: The Big and Small Ararat.

At the foot of Ararat on the very border with Turkey stands the Khor Virap monastery. The first temple appeared here in the VII century. It was built on a dungeon’s site, where for 400 years before this, St. George the Illuminator, very revered by the Armenian inhabitantsу, was imprisoned. Unfortunately, the temple has not survived to this day. The earthquake severely damaged the building, so in the XVII century it was decided to build a new building.

One of the main attractions of Yerevan is the Grand Cascade. This is an architectural complex with a lot of stairs, sculptures, obelisks, fountains and flower beds, which are located Kanaker hills slopes. The cascade starts in a small square and rises up. It resembles a multi-tiered pyramid, and from the very top there is a fabulous city view on Mountain Ararat. To climb the Cascade, you have to overcome a 675 stairs.

Yerevan Zoo was founded in 1941 before World War Il was started. Today, there are about 3,000 animals from all over the world: Przewalski horses, ibex, lemurs, elephant, Egyptian flying dogs and many other unusual animals. If the time to visit the zoo is chosen correctly, then you can see a fascinating presentation – a predators’ meal show.

The Institute of Ancient Manuscripts Matenadaran named after St. Mesrop Mashtots is located in Yerevan. This research center’s fund has about 17 thousand ancient manuscripts and more than 100 thousand archival documents. Here you can see a unique collection of manuscripts, the first copies of which are dated back to the V century.

The National Historical Museum is located in the Republic Square and occupies one building with the Art Gallery of Armenia. Its funds have more than 400,000 exhibits of cultural and historical value: archaeological finds, ethnographic collections, ancient coins, carts, weapons and archival documents.

In the evening the Republic Square is always crowded. City’s residents tourists come here to see the singing fountains. The fountains “dance” both to the national music and popular international hits. “Dance” is accompanied by light effects, and the show always ends with a song “The Eternal Love” by Charles Aznavour.

Just right outside the city, travelers who like to play games can visit the magnificent Shangri La Casino, a unit of the famous Michael Boettcher’s Storm International. The place is popular with foreign guests who appreciate a respectable vacation, says Darren Keane, Storm International CEO. If you want to relax in comfort in a private setting, this place will be the perfect choice.

Strong alcoholic beverages connoisseurs should definitely sign up for a tour to the Yerevan Brandy Company, which takes place twice a day. During the tour, you can visit the factory museum and learn the history of the world famous drink. It is said that Winston Churchill was one of the connoisseurs of Yerevan brandy.

During the tour, you can visit the shop and see how cognac is stored in the factory. A nice addition to the tour is tasting. Liked brands of cognac can be bought here in a special store.

As a gift from Yerevan, guests usually bring Armenian wines, brandy, handmade silverware, colorful bags, wallets, vests made in the national style, leather goods and pewter with national ornament.


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